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Seven Math Help Books That Will Come In Handy

There is no secret that most students have a problem when it comes to maths. This is one of the most dreaded subjects in school and when it comes to math homework things get even tougher. With homework, a student has to work alone with no one to consult. Well, things have now changed with the advent of internet technology. Finding helpful resources including help with homework has never been easier. If you have been struggling with maths, it is advisable to seek help from a variety of sources.

While finding a website that does your homework is very easy, the best idea is to attempt the assignment first and seek help along the way. This helps understand the concept and only request your online helper with specific questions. Your homework helper in this case appreciates where your weakness is and helps augment the knowledge you already have.

Truth be told, working out sums and equations when alone is not easy but if you have the right resources, this can be done. This is where the old good homework books come into play. There are some very helpful books designed specifically to provide high school or college math homework help.

Below are some of these texts which you can use to complete any tough maths assignment:

  1. Practical Algebra, A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H. Selby: This is an invaluable resource which students understand algebra in a conversational manner. It introduces basics required to complete any homework in algebra.
  2. Algebra Survival Guide: A Conversational Handbook for the Thoroughly Befuddled by Josh Rappaport: The title says it all as this book helps students maneuver the trickiest algebra homeworks.
  3. All the Math You'll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide 1st Edition by Steve Slavin: The friendliest, funniest, easiest solution to complex maths problems. It is a refresher course for practical math skills and contains straightforward techniques to handle all types of maths problems.
  4. Mastering Essential Math Skills PROBLEM SOLVING by Richard W. Fisher: This math homework solver makes learning easier by applying maths skills to actual life. It contains progressive maths problems starting form one-step problems to multi-step problems. Lessons are formatted in a simple manner and they flow smoothly from one to the nxt.
  5. Challenging Problems in Geometry (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Alfred S. Posamentier and Charles T. Salkind: Ideal for high school students. If you have just searched ‘someone to do my homework’ on a search engine, this book could work fine for you in Geometry.
  6. Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus by Keith Kressin: Contains easy, non-technical discussions covering different areas in mathematics. It seeks to explain why and how of mathematics. It is one of the most comprehensive resources to use to complete any maths assignment.
  7. Math Problems and Solutions Guide by David Scheinker : Have you just typed ‘do my homework for me’ Features over 10,000 problems and solutions which are progressive in nature helping students understand different concepts in maths. Covers diverse topics from Counting to Calculus, hints to problem solving and explanations on different topics.

If you can’t access these books or you are pressed for time, you can still pay for online math homework help and enjoy personalized assistance to complete your homework. Using these diverse resources helps you complete your assignments in time and also augment your skills in the process.

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