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Reasons I Don’t Like Homework and Nine Tips to Make Homework Better

I love everything about education. I love the growth in the field apart from Homework. Many parents think that Homework is proof that teachers are unable to let the students go. They also feel that it makes students lose their interest in learning. The present-day homework system is not the best. 

Some students get better grades, while others fail. Students who come from poor backgrounds get an extra obstacle to beat as they struggle to climb the financial ladder. The process is not always easy.

Below is a list of my reasons for my dislike of Homework.

It is the responsibility of the teachers to develop students who enjoy learning, ask questions, and enjoy life at the same time. Below are suggestions on how to make Homework better.

Do not Grade Homework

Tutors need to demonstrate to students the real purpose of assignments. It is both a responsibility and a way of practicing what they learn in class. Students can regulate and plan their schoolwork and be more responsible.

Explaining to students why a specific task is essential for their learning makes it a bit more fun and enjoyable. It also makes the tutors think about the assignments they give their students.

Having kids do more meaningful tasks like tasks that improve the environment is more enjoyable compared to assignments that make them sit for an hour or longer trying to complete.

Students may use online sites such as Khan Academy to make teaching easier. Students can also create their math problem-solving videos. It helps them practice more. 

The tutor can use online sites such as Class Dojo, Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Padlet to ask questions and have students respond. 

Getting kids to pay more attention to their surroundings is a brilliant way to teach them about different concepts. It makes them more aware and curious about their surroundings.

Tutors must teach students how to make meaningful conversations and how to interact with people of all ages. Thus, kids can learn new information by asking questions.

Allow your students to take part in their homework planning. Let them know what to do and how they can do different tasks in different ways. It teaches them responsibility and expands their knowledge.

Students spend too much time on their Homework. It is only fair to give criticism to their work.


Homework is not fun at all. Most students struggle to finish up their Homework without caring what they learn from it. Tutors should make it a bit more exciting and engaging to better the purpose of Homework. Having an organized homework system will make it much better.

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